Using STR’s hand-held camera microscopes increase ease and efficiency of inspecting any manufactured or crafted component for quality. Our small, lightweight camera microscopes are easily portable for imaging in all corners of the factory, office, lab, and in the field.



  • Jewelry (settings, stones, metal)
  • Metal (finishing, tools, coating)
  • Plastic (final products, molds)
  • Textiles (fabric, machinery)
  • Printing (paper, ink, machinery)
  • High Tech (electronics)


  • Model building
  • Coin collection
  • Stamp collection
  • Gem/Mineral


  • Law Enforcement (evidence, forensics)
  • Art Conservation (paint, prints, tapestries, ceramics)
  • Archeology (artifact exam)
  • Lab Work (botany, geology, entomology, etc)


Set the Standards:
It is very easy to capture and store images of the way a part or component should look, making it easy for inspectors to rapidly spot divergences.

The ability to capture digital images makes it simple to save and share any image to maintain assurance a project is moving forward properly. Saved images are also used as evidence of the condition of samples before and after working on them.
Use the camera microscopes during live presentations to show and elaborate on problems or workmanship quality.

Save on Training:
The hand-held video microscopes are a very simple to use tool. Training takes just a few minutes and it takes a very short time to become efficient and fast at making complicated inspections.

Zoom In:
Most camera microscope models have a wide variety of interchangeable lenses or even zoom lenses from 1x up to 1000x. The perfect magnification is always at hand. One camera can be used for many different purposes and for many different surfaces and parts.

Court Room Presentations:
These small and powerful cameras are highly effective at crime scenes for evidence imaging and capturing. Seeing is believing, and there's nothing that makes it easier for a prosecutor to show magnified images of evidence from a crime scene than the hand-held scopes.

Use with Traditional Microscopes:
Many video microscope models have a microscope adaptor lens option allowing you to continue to use the microscope equipment you already have, but to enhance them by displaying the image for a group or capturing an image for archiving or sharing.