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Digital Microscope DG-3

Enhance visual inspections and improve Quality Control with this easy to use portable digital and video inspection microscope system. Now you can capture magnified images anywhere. The DG-3 is a battery powered 2.3 Mega Pixel digital camera with specialized high resolution magnifying lenses with up to 1000x magnification. This camera has a 3.5" top-mounted LCD for easy viewing and records digital still JPEG images on Compact Flash and has video out for viewing on a TV/projector. Touchpad controls provide easy image control, viewing and editing. The DG-3 has 2x digital zoom and calibrated measurement on screen for each lens. It displays and captures sharp microscope images by simply touching the microscope lens tip to the subject. It is compact and lightweight allowing the best portability possible and is compatible with all standard computer and video output devices, including printers, monitors, and VCRs or DVD recorders.

A variety of removable lenses are available from 1x to 1000x including our popular zoom lenses, giving you a high range of magnifications. Includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, AC adaptor, video cable, remote electronic shutter, CF memory card, and sturdy aluminum locking carry case with each kit.

Industry Application

• Completely portable digital photography and instant video inspection of just about any surface allows you to view and capture images anywhere you want to – no need to take the subject to the lab
• Instantly image electronics, fabrics, plants, metals, and other materials for quick and easy quality assurance in the field
• Better viewing of shiny and reflective metal and other surfaces when polarized lenses are used
• Examine surfaces for defects or inconsistencies or for visual inspection of parts and components
• Simply touch the object and view it on the large, mounted screen
• Easy Touch Pad controls for ease of use in office, lab, factory, or field
• Easy mobility at only 1.1 pounds (500 grams)
• Interchangeable lenses from 1 to 1000x, including zoom lenses from 1x to 350x


Part #

List Price

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DG-3 Basic Set - Includes 2.3M Pixel Camera with 3.5" LCD, 256MB Compact Flash Memory Card, Carrying Case, C Mount Adapter, Battery, Battery Charger, Cable (no lens, lens required) DG3-BST 6,595




DG3 Lens 30X Polarizing NR DG3-30XNR $749




DG3 Lens 50X Polarizing NR DG3-50XNR $749




DG3 Lens 100X DG3-100X $749




DG3 High Resolution Lens 100X DG3-100XHR $2,195




DG3 Lens 200X DG3-200X $795




DG3 Lens 200x High Resolution DG3-200xHR $2,495




DG3 Lens 500X DG3-500X $2,695




DG3 Lens 1000X DG3-1000X $4,995




DG3 Lens x1-x30N (regular light) DG3 MicroMacro $1,995




DG3 Lens x1-x30 Polarizing DG3 MM NR $2,495




DG3 25x to 200x zoom lens (most popular lens) DG3-25-200 $4,695




DG3 25x to 200x side-lighting zoom lens DG3-25-200SL $6,600




Allow 30-90 days for delivery Bore Lens w/ 90 Degree Side Mirror DG3-BORE $4,195




DG3 Microscope Adaptor DG3-MA $895




DG3 Geared Elevator Stand DG3-Elev $1,095




DG3 Flex Stand DG3-Flex $1,095




DG3 XYZ Stand DG3-XYZ $1,395




DG3-3x Replacement Battery DG3-Batt $249




DG3-3x Micro Measure Software DG3-MM $549






• Magnifications available (for 14" screen): 1x, 30x, 50x, 100x, 200x, 500x, 1000x, 0x - 30x zoom, 25x - 200x zoom, Coaxial Illumination lens holder, or C-Mount for any standard C-Mount lens (lens not included in basic camera set)
• Polarization: Yes (30x, 50x, and 0x-30x zoom)
• Pixels: 2.3 Million (1901 x 1212) JPEG format
• Resolution (Horizontal): Greater than 330 lines
• Signal to Noise Ratio: Greater than 48 dB.
• Output Signal: Digital + Composite NTSC
• On-board Freeze and Preview mode
• Color Adjustments: Auto
• Monitor: 2.3 megapixel amorphous TFT LCD
•Storage medium: CF memory card (256 MB included)
•File Size:
-500KB per file in NORM mode at 1792 x 1184 pixels, 638 images on 256MB card
-900KB per file in FINE mode at 1792x1184 pixels, 283 images on 256MB card
-500KB per file in ZOOM mode at 896x592 pixels, 638 images on 256MB card
• Shutter speed 1/45 – 4 seconds
• Battery run time: 1 to 1 ½ hours
• Off/On LED light switch
• Standard camera mount screw threads
• Video out and remote terminal for electronic shutter or synchronous strobe
• Automatic Gain Control: Auto
• Lighting: White LED Array
• Operating Temperature: 0C - 40C
• Operating Humidity: Less than 30 to 85% (condensation not permitted)
• Input voltage: DC6.0V 1A 6.0V – 7.2V
• Dimensions: 3" width X 7" depth X 4.3" height
• Weight: 1.1 lb

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DG-3 Image Collection (PDF)

DG-3x Highly Reflective Images (PDF)