STR delivers a complete line of hand-held visual inspection microscope cameras that will improve quality control and product examination and machine vision processes. These cameras are used extensively in electronic, semiconductor, medical device, research, and manufacturing industries.


  • Visual inspection of surfaces for defects or inconsistencies or for the examination of parts and components

  • Most efficient and inexpensive way to quickly examine objects for quality control

  • More portable, cost effective and easy to use wherever you are – no need to move samples to the lab

STR takes pride in providing excellent service and providing you with the best visual inspection microscope camera solution that will help improve your business.

STR has the best hand-held digital and video visual inspection microscopes in the world including the Scalar Scope On A Rope L2,; ProScope HR2, STR Dlite 5MP, Dlite 1.3MP, 5MP Portable, ProScope Mobile, Dlite WiFi/USB, DG-3v, Dial A Scope VL11 & SDA-1.



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The ProScope Mobile

ProScope Mobile is the first Wi-Fi digital camera microscope available. The ProScope Mobile displays live images wirelessly to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It creates its own Wi-Fi network, allowing multiple devices within range to connect to it and display the live image on many screens simultaneously using the free AirMicro app.

Images can be captured simultaneously to all devices using the capture button on the camera handset; the images are saved right on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch for viewing or downloading. The ProScope Mobile is battery powered and uses the same lenses (1x up to 400x) and accessories as the ProScope HR2 and the Scope On A Rope L2.

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